Podcast Two: 24 Hours "Your Song"

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Welcome to podcast number two. This week, we talk about coverage of Chinese bands and their politics in the Western media, review the Misandao, Culture Clash and Runaway Snail shows from the weekend and preview what's coming up in the next couple of days including 24 Hours' album release party. Then we realise we've got a bit of time left at the end and go back to talk about Low Wormwood's gig last Sunday, before playing Your Song, a track from 24 Hours' new album.

Here's some links for you while you listen:

Political Articles

Alice Liu's article on Chinese bands being "too pampered for politics"
China Music Radar's post on the Alice Liu piece.
Andy's response and the ensuing comments

Show Reviews
Write-up from the Misandao show
Mortal Fools' MySpace
Misandao's MySpace
Culture Clash write-up
Write-up from the Runaway Snail gig
Video of Runaway Snail

24 Hours' new video
24 Hours on MySpace
Rustic on MySpace
Video of Second live at MAO
Second's Douban page

Low Wormwood show write-up

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Another good one guys. The only gag of the week, is this becoming a feature? I loved how forced it is :)

Not sure what you mean Steve. Andy's gag was totally spontaneous

Yes on both counts

it's the forced delivery that leads to the spontaneous gag ...

I mention a band called 'Lei ren' 雷人 and loosely translate it as lightning people ... but it's usually a slang term for 'shock'. Given their style, it probably means shock.

Just that I've never confirmed it.

Nice work chums. Is "pod" the cool word for this show, or is that slang I have missed out on... :)

I just want to weigh back in on the political issue. I don't think I have cleared up exactly how I feel about it, but I spoke to Michael on the phone about it and clarified my thoughts. Essentially, the crux of the "bands aren't political" article was reasonably sound (although political wasn't exactly the right word). Problem being, the bands singled out were wrong. ShouWang and Yang Haisong are actually two of the most authentic players in this brave new world. They are articulate, intelligent songsmiths and are doing more than most to push music and audiences here in the right direction. On the other hand, a large number of the other "hot" bands at the moment should have been the focus of the article's ire. Many of them have believed the hype and now act like they are rock and roll superstars without actually having earned their spurs. They could be doing so much more to blow this thing apart, to influence the next generation to love and be loved, but instead, well, we know the instead.

Otherwise, great work boys, but more more more music!!!!!

Thanks for the comment Archie.

About the music thing. Our idea is to always feature a song that is quality or relevant. Even if we stepped up to two per pod, that would mean 104 a year at once a week. 104 quality and varied recorded tracks from the underground scene.

To be honest, once we start going there it's to much effort/time for us to think about and plan.

It's much better to think about anything we do as two lads who like to have a go ... and if it comes out good it's a pleasant surprise. We are just overachieving a bit.

Even though we have proven ourselves with the blog, I still think the first step with the pod is to see if we can keep it up, at first.

It's easy to start something, not easy to sustain it.

And besides, we can hear lots of music over at the wooozy pod. :)

All good points man. Anything that means the media continues. We need this. Nice!

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