Runaway Snail and Caramel Mint, Live Bar

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caramelmint.jpgIt's been so long since I was last at Live Bar up in Yangpu district that I can't even remember what the last show I saw there was. The space inside has changed a bit and seemed smaller than it used to be, though that might just be because I'd been in MAO the night before and most gig venues here seem small by comparison with that place. Still, it was fairly busy, although mostly with the bands themselves and their friends. There were a few randoms like me as well and a healthy foreigner contingent that I hadn't expected. Hello to the two Hungarian biologists that I met by the way.

Anyway, I was there to see Runaway Snail and New Vector again after Sunday's 0093 showcase. Unfortunately, New Vector didn't play in the end so the (culinary-themed) line-up was Honey Roast Pork, Caramel Mint and Runaway Snail led by Fanqie Chaodan.

Honey Roast Pork is one guy and his guitar and he played a few stripped down ballads to give the night a low-key start. Something I've found from listening to the tracks he has on his Douban is that his voice actually sounds better live. On a couple of the tracks at his artist page it doesn't sound all that strong, but seeing him live it really came across.

Next up were Caramel Mint. That link above is just to their Douban group I'm afraid - I haven't been able to find a page where you can listen to their stuff. Hopefully they'll set one up soon though and record some tracks because they've got a really accessible rock sound and are a band to keep an eye on. Nini, the lead singer, has a cracking voice and she seems to really enjoy performing - she hardly stopped grinning the whole set. The crowd loved it and kept calling for an encore until the band obliged.
Runaway Snail came on next and played a similar set to the one last Sunday. Hardly surprising really given that they only have a handful of songs and that this was only their third performance. Fanqie Chaodan says he was really nervous about the shows they've played in the last week - he was worried no one would come or that the band would just be crap. On both counts his fears should have been allayed now. He says there is plenty that he wants to improve on, but the band have made a solid start and are definitely another one to watch.

After a short break in which pretty much everyone went home, the band took to the stage again to play a few of Fanqie Chaodan's own songs. They hadn't practised any of them before apparently, so it was a case of the other musicians improvising and finding their way with the tracks, but it came off ok and Fanqie Chaodan was still entertaining. As there were only a few of us left by this point, he even stopped to ask if we understood what he was singing. I told him we did and he carried on for a few more songs before calling it a night.

Having helped some random guy celebrate his birthday by eating cake on the street outside Live Bar and having said goodbye to the Hungarians, me and John decided to head down to Time Passage for a bit. The Sultans of Swing were in Pink Floyd mode when we arrived, but the reason I bring it up is because after the band finished and most people had gone home, one of the staff members cleared a space in the bar and, with The Rolling Stones on the stereo, started break-dancing. Kind of an odd end to the night, but he was pretty good.

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Hey Jake

Yeah last night was a blast. That break dancer was a great way to end the night. We need to stay until closing at Times Passage more often.


Just listened to Honey Roasted Pork on Douban. Goes very well with Fangqie Chaodan.




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