0093/Rock Shanghai CD release this Saturday

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shanghairock2009.jpgIt's been a while, but this show is finally coming around. You can hear us talk a bit about why it's significant on the podcast by clicking here. You can also read an interview with Jiang Shaoqing, one of the main men at 0093, right here. What I want to focus on here though, is the line-up changes that have taken place since I last looked at the event page.

Perhaps most significantly, Top Floor Circus are no longer the headliners. They're still playing and are still the act with the biggest draw, but they'll be going on second to last. So who is at the top of the bill now? Firefighter. Well, they're billed as the 嘉宾 (support band), but they're going on last. Not really sure why. I'll be honest, I don't really know who these guys are. According to the PR blurb, they're four boys from Shanghai University of Engineering Science. They also seem to have been involved in the early stages of the Pepsi Battle of the Bands, judging by this video. What are they doing going on after Ding Ma? Your guess is as good as mine.

Another line-up change is that extremo band Double Control Where are no longer on the bill. Candy Shop (Tian Pin Dian) are however, which is good news. They may well have been on the line-up for a while and I forgot, but it doesn't really matter - the important thing is that they're playing and that last time they hit Mao, they tore the place up.

Finally, the other addition is Second. As I mentioned on my previous post just now, the girls will be teaming up with Pinkberry again. Overall then, Saturday night at Mao looks something like this:

20:00-20:30 The return of Bang Bang Tang
20:45-21:15 Candy Shop
21:30-22:00 Pinkberry + Second (+ Pinkberry's music video premiere)
22:15-23:00 The always brilliant Top Floor Circus
23:15-00:00 Firefighter

Not bad. Remember: 50 kuai gets you in and a copy of the CD (though they're limited to 500, so be prompt) and this is a big night for the scene. Come on down and support it.

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What is this scene that you talk of...?

It's a bit annoying to see a bunch of line up changes after the flyer has gone out and less than a week before the show.

I'll stick my neck out and say that if you're holding a high profile night at somewhere like Mao and charging 50 for it then you can't do that old thing where the bands sit around on the night and say shit like "Hey, you want to go last, I'd like to get off early ... OK then." etc.

Looking forward to the night though. Not sure about the last band but the rest of the line up seem pretty decent.

Regarding the CDs is there only 500 and that's it, or will there be more for sale if you aren't there early enough?

In Beijing the second-to-last spot in shows with more than three bands is often the best in terms of attendance, and preferred by the headliners since the audience often leaves before and during the last performance, especially if it runs late. Perhaps that is what is happening in this show.

You're probably right there. Gigs that run late often clear out before the end due to transport concerns for those without a lot of cash.

There is an element of sketchy organisation though. I guess they watched how it went last weekend at the Grand Opening.


I was just going to say...

@Archie: Ocean Colour

@Stevo: Not sure to be honest, but it'd be a real shame if that's it.

@Pettis: That was my first thought too, but I still think it's a little odd.

I like the way a gig builds to the best act of the night. Might be a bit demoralising for Firefighter if the place empties after Ding Ma as well. Not sure why the night couldn't have just finished after their set, it's not like Mao will be doing an amazing drinks trade.


where can I get the content notes, credits, etc.?


There's some more details here Max

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