24 Hours, Yuyintang

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24hours.jpgThere were no tricks last night for anyone who chose this over crappy Hallowe'en parties. 24 Hours were a real treat. Touring in support of their excellent new album No Party People, they produced a great set of short, sharp rock. The last time I'd seen them was up at Zhangbei where they were lost a bit on such a big stage. With all three members contributing vocals at times, it's hard for them to move around on stage and that can mean that, on a large stage particularly, they don't work all that well as a spectacle. On a smaller stage and in a more intimate venue like Yuyintang however, this isn't the case and they were on fire last night producing an excellent show.

Some time with a quality producer has really helped them hone their sound and they now have a live show to match. The two female members, on guitar and bass, are both excellent musicians, but one of the real highlights of the band for me is the drummer. He is just incredible to watch and really drives their performance with his beats.

Before 24 Hours had hit the stage, the support acts had been disappointing. The Snots overstayed their welcome. As someone (who I won't name) commented to me during their performance, "what's with support bands playing really long sets?"

Rustic too were a bit of a letdown. I hadn't heard too much of their stuff before last night but, having beaten out a large field to win the Beijing round of the GBOB, I was intrigued to see them. They did a cover of the Sex Pistols' Anarchy in the UK at one point and that gives you a fairly accurate idea of their sound. But I felt a bit like I was watching a comedy band, like Spinal Tap or something. Without the humour. Actually, I can understand why they won the GBOB - a competition where voting is based on the performance of two tracks. With their outlandish clothing and energetic performance, they certainly make a mark, but I feel like they have a bit of a limited appeal. After a few songs I felt I'd seen enough, I'm in no rush to see them again and I wouldn't really want to buy a CD.

In fact, during the sets of both support acts, I really got the feeling I was just waiting for 24 Hours to start and the longer the other bands went on the more irritating it became. Luckily, 24 Hours were well worth the wait.

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Yeah I have to agree particularly about the Snots. When the lead singer screamed at the beginning of their first song I was just annoyed. Stayed that way through their whole set.


Just back from work and listening to the CD now ...it's great.

About the Snots.

We never usually talk about them much on the blog, despite them featuring a genuine scene star in Fan Qiang from Banana Monkey.

In the past it seemed like they were just having a laugh and taking the mickey a bit, I suppose. But, actually, to be fair, I did have a listen to their Douban page recently and I recognized the first song at the gig as "Jack the Ripper". Also, when they went into that track it was the best they've played yet.

However, going on for a lengthy set when your the first band of three is very grating and doesn't help endear fans. But, to be absolutely fair, that kind of behaviour is all over the scene. A lot of it is a kind of confusion between bar band type gigs and shows at a 'venue'.

A ticketed venue show in the UK, in a theatre, where you buy a ticket cos you want to see a band, starts at 7.30-8.0 and is done by 11.30. There is normally one support band.

Here lies a big issue. If a venue, even a small one, is trying to attract people based on the bands and needs to get new people, local younger people ... how does it help to be all over the place ..

think about this ... you are a new fan who decides to take the plunge and go to one of the indie venues...

you arrive at the start time on the flyer ..

all the lights are on and bands are still sound checking ...

45 mins later it starts for real ...

oh, there are one or two extra bands thrown on the bill at the last minute, you didn't know.

They go on for ages and put back the show ..

the headlining band, who you wanted to check out, is pushed back to midnight, you are not familiar with the area and can't afford a taxi back.


Yeah I have to agree with Andy on the long sets. Most of the Chinese fans in attendance last night were university age (that we noticed). This seems to be the prime YYT crowd. Unless the kids came in a group of four or more people and aren't going to school in Minghang they probably can't afford to take a taxi home. They should at least make an effort for the headliner to go on before the last bus.


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