696 Live Bar, we hardly knew ye

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Weihai Live Bar.jpgThe Live Bar down at 696 Weihai Lu has been shut down. Live Bar 696, Live Sound Garage, Weihai Lu Live Bar - call it what you want, it's gone. Little notice was given of the move and word is the venue lacked the appropriate paper work - something that was always going to cause them problems in such a central location. According to the venue:

"Due to various reasons, 696 Live Bar is closed as of November 20, 2009. We are looking to relocate and the events planned for November and December will go ahead at a new venue once one has been found. We apologise for the disappointment and inconvenience caused. Upon opening our new venue, we will compensate you! It's been a short four months, but we'd like to thank all the musicians and fans for your support. Please be assured that despite the difficulties, we will never give up!"
It certainly has been a short four months. Despite seeing the space before it opened, I never actually made it to a gig there. Andy did the other week and seemed to like the space. It's a shame that it's gone and I hope Xiao Bai and the people behind it bounce back. Whether they'll be able to find another venue soon remains to be seen. 

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