Afternoon rock: Pinkberry and Sonnet

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xiaoyou.jpgWondering how things went down at Yuyintang last night for the Candy Shop gig? Mr Best has that one right here. Sammy has really settled in with the band now and their new lineup is just as seamless as it used to be, even when they switch instruments for Ding Ding Dang.

Speaking of changing lineups, you can check out Pinkberry's new look this afternoon over at eno. They're launching a new t-shirt range or something, I'm not really sure, but Pinkberry and Sonnet are playing there. That's at 4pm at the Changle Lu shop. It's ridiculously cold today, so that might not be a bad place to hunker down for the afternoon.

I've written a bit before about Pinkberry's recent lineup troubles, but in the run up to the enormous Rock Shanghai/0093 CD release at the end of this month, they're rehearsing and gigging again with a new look lineup that features Sonnet's Lezi on the drums. The Rock Shanghai/0093 CD release show will also see the first showing of the long awaited (by me anyway) Pinkberry MV that I wrote about here.

Sonnet have been working on new material lately and, though I'm not sure how much of that will be on show this afternoon, there will definitely be some new songs when they head up the Beautiful Western Suburbs night at Yuyintang on December 18th. This the Lezi-organised collective that features both the aforementioned bands as well as 21 Grams and Joker and all four will be on show that night. You can check out interviews with both 21 Grams (this one) and Joker (this one) by Lezi over at, but you'll need to be a reader of Chinese for those.

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Hey Jake

I went to the show this afternoon. I showed up at 4 but Sonnet had already gone on. Since I missed them (which I always seem to do) I couldn't say what the crowd response was but since lots of people left after Sonnet seemed to be the bigger draw. Those that stayed for Pink Berry were into it and dancing along - especially the sales staff. They were dancing along as they rang up t-shirt sales.

Thanks for the notice

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