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24hoursfield.jpgBored? Here's a few places for you to double click your mouse.

First up, The Guardian's New Music on a Wednesday blog, which, as you may have already guessed, writes about new music on a Wednesday, has picked 24 Hours' Mr Stevenson as one of the tracks to listen to this week. They've even included a link to this humble blog. Read the NMOW post featuring 24 Hours here and then add the blog to your RSS or Google Reader thing as it's always a good read. Theirs I mean, not mine.

Speaking of Maybe Mars bands, you've probably been reading over at China Music Radar about a bunch of them heading over to the US of A. Well Dan Shapiro was apparently stowed away in one of their suitcases or something and has now surfaced with a piece all about them in Time Out New York. Not too shabby. Have a read here.

Managing to be in two places at once, Dan has also just published a piece in Shanghai's CityWeekend about the Neocha boys and their newish venture NeochaEDGE. You can read that one here. Proving there's no end to my seemless linking, Neocha (now apparently a person) also pop up on CNNGo's list of 20 people to watch in Shanghai.

I'm not on said list, sniff, but friends of the blog Archie Hamilton (Splitworks maestro) and Zhang Haisheng (Yuyintang founder) most certainly are. You can see the whole list right here.

Right, reading that lot should ensure that you don't have to do any work this afternoon. You're welcome.

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Did you see the list of people who contributed the list :)

That's Jessica who used to work at City Weekend right? And Abe and Dan too.

I'm not that interested in any list that doesn't have me on it. Nor would I respect one that did.

Oh sh*t, you can be there for blogging

Elaine is on for her tenure at Sha-ist ...

... we have been rebuffed with extreme prejudice.

This is becoming like a live micro blog of reading the list

... I saw Raefer Wallis there, we used to train Kung Fu together. He was doing Wushu for a while in the same centre then he came over to do some Mantis also. A nice guy.

Yeah, so all in all an interesting night on the red carpet with no body going home empty hearted.

Thanks for microblogging that Andy.

To be honest, I prefer CMR's list (except for the bit about those English blogger blokes)

This list rules


As of Oct 29th 2009.

You guys rule. There, I said it....

In all seriousness though.

Looking into Pet Conspiracy this week, talking to some people generally and being in contact with Maybe Mars a bit made me reflect on the Beijing scene.

Why are there no blogs like this about it by people based there. In English or Chinese. I remember Chai Le but the author left China. Maybe when a scene is smaller, it naturally needs more people to champion it? Maybe BJ just doesn't need one?

Hi Andy,

I am totally with you on the BJ bloglessness... it's terrible to get good concert review info or anything out of BJ in English. There is a lot in Chinese though, but hidden behind dozend of band blogs etc.

there is that does a review sometimes, but not too much involved in the scene hosts a couple of blog posts but nothing compared to the depth of yours...

Chaile did a lot of good work, but his blog is unfortunately down so you cannot even read his old stuff... where are the gigshanghai's, shanghaistreet's, kungfuology's and chinamusicradar's of BJ???

Rock on!!!

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