Layabozi's 60 best Chinese albums

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Picture 1.pngJust a quickie (chortle, chortle):

See, this is why I like it when Layabozi has more regular content. They've produced a list of the 60 best albums to come out of this country. It's a great list with a wide variety of picks and a real "something for everyone" flavour to it. Here's how they did it:

"The criteria was totally subjective and attached to luck and the law of whatever will be, will be. The only thing that was not random here was the selection of the people we asked to do this."
Hence, you'll see Han Han, Super Sophia and some bloke called Andy Best amongst those making the selections. Go check it out now.

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All these lists around, we are going to have to do one soon. I feel left out.

how can you feel left out if you are part of this list?
... what about doing a list of lists?!

I mean, left out, like ...our blog has not made a list.

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