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pupu.jpgThe Mushrooms have made the full length demo versions of several tracks available for streaming on their Douban artist page. Go check them out now by clicking here. I still feel The Mushrooms are best experienced live (like this), but these are some decent recordings and it's nice to have the full versions available. With tracks like this, someone should sign them to a label or something - it'd be easy to get these recorded and a proper album put out pretty quickly right? What? Oh.

I shan't bang on too much about why The Mushrooms are so good but, even if you don't dig these recordings, you should really check them out live some time. They are a fantastic live act. Look at the reactions on the faces of the crowd in these photos - tells you all you need to know.

Another quick listen that I'm going to tag on the end here just because - 8 Eye Spy have put up a track from their forthcoming (or maybe out now?) album. It's called 上西天 and you can listen to it here.

On those Maybe Noise albums (8 Eye Spy and Muscle Snog), the latter certainly seems to be out in Beijing so it's just us down here in Shanghai waiting for it now. You can probably find it on the Taobao (I haven't looked yet), but Shanghai Tattoo have said they'll let me know when it's in. When they do, I'll let you know too (as long as there's a copy left for me when I go to get one).

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