Pet Conspiracy, Boys Climbing Ropes and Duck Fight Goose, MAO

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Pet Conspiracy at MAODiscoballs, alien-like headsets, toy guns, gay kisses. After all the hype, Pet Conspiracy didn't disappoint.

They certainly know how to make an entrance. Last time I'd seen them it'd been on all fours in chains. This time Helen Feng came on stage wrapped in a huge length of red cloth with a silver mask over her head. Check out this photo to see what I mean. YunYun entered atop Huzi's shoulders. From there they launched into a powerful set that had people jumping around like mad. For those who weren't seeing Pet Conspiracy live for the first time, there were some things that were familiar, but it was nevertheless a great performance and, as this was their first time in Shanghai, this will have been most of the audience's first experience of them. They left the crowd buzzing.

Before them Boys Climbing Ropes and Duck Fight Goose had got the night going, interspersed with the Baijiu Robots and other DJs. On the podcast, I mentioned that my hunch would be that the bands would all go on first, followed by the DJs. But Andy thought otherwise and so it proved.

Duck Fight Goose opened the night while the venue was still filling up. An inflatable Haibao with an erection positioned at the front of their stage, the band produced a great performance. With a high quality soundsystem, all Han Han's loops and effects really come through and now that they've got a decent number of songs to their name, the band are really coming into their own. Given the assorted talents on display, it's hardly a surprise, but Duck Fight Goose are a fantastic act and are definitely a band to watch.

So too are Boys Climbing Ropes, but then you probably already knew that. I'm seriously looking forward to the new record and there were a couple of new songs in last night's set that I assume are taken from it. Despite Little Punk being hidden behind a bizarre keyboard set up, they are another band who really do the set up at MAO justice with their music.

All in all a successful night for the Antidote crew I'd say. More photos after the jump.

Don't forget: Hanggai at the Dream Factory tonight.

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Cool bands but mixed experience at the over show. Obviously Pet Conspircay tore the place up.

That Antidote photographer is getting a special mention on the pod, I can't belive he basically robbed the T-shirt out of your hand then threw it back to the DJ. That as well as being a constant annoyance.

Definitely. I decided to leave the photographer rant for the podcast, but I was not happy about that.

Just got back from Hanggai - incredible! Full review soon of course, but it was an amazing performance. I'm still buzzing from the gig

Must agree with you about the photogs. The phalanx they set up reminded me of a self-conscious girl looking in the mirror, obsessively documenting and analyzing herself. Ripping show, though. My first time seeing Pet Conspiracy and I was blown away by their stage antics.

They were epic, could have done without the hour of DJing before hand but the band was well worth the wait.

Incidentally someone likes your dancing, Jake.

The photographers thing is quite serious though.

We pay money to see the show. The show.

And when was it ok to get in someone's face and photograph them without asking first.

These people are serious assh*les.

The worst bit was when that guy snatched the free t-shirt out of my hands. I'm still bitter now. Free + t-shirt + me = me getting emotional when someone steals said t-shirt. I was not impressed

Can't control all the photographers, everyone's got a camera these days, it's got nothing to do with the band or the organizers or the venue. You could tell the guy politely, hey you're blocking my view can you move a bit to the side, thanks. As for the t-shirt, that's just random.

About the DJing before, between, and after the bands. Really, what's wrong with that, and how is it different than any other party anywhere else in the world. The last thing you want is some venue sound guy playing music between the acts because those guys always have bad taste, and no clue what the crowd is into.

Further, as a matter of respect for the bands, we need to make sure they are ready to start their set, and the audience is ready to appreciate it. It takes time for the bands to tear down and set up, and it takes time for the crowd to get another round at the bar, so... what better to fill that gap than with DJs?

It's just a culture clash for me. That's all.

I simply don't want to hear Baijiu Robots and that kind of music, I got into rock, punk, indie know, bands specifically to get away from DJ and Club life.

At gigs, not parties, the breaks are at a minimum and the music played is similar to that of the bands and unobtrusive where people have a break and talk about the bands. The DJs were a long extra support act who were a mismatch to the other acts.

Maybe the majority of the crowd were into it, that's cool. Antidote is a famous night and I have respect for Michael (you?) and B6, of course. Good guys. This is just me. I don't want to go to see Boys Climbing Ropes and Pet Conspiracy only to have to watch someone pulling disco moves, finger flicking and cheesy faces while spinning 'banging tunes'.


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