Wow: Pet Conspiracy in all their glory

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conspiracy.jpgBy now you've probably seen the press photo for Pet Conspiracy that features four of the collective's members sat half-naked on chairs and holding cigarettes for each other. If not, don't worry - there's some even better shots below. I've gone with a fairly timid one here so that anyone reading this in the office or in a public space doesn't get weird looks, but believe me, you definitely want to see what's after the jump.

The photos were put up on Douban just now and show members of Pet Conspiracy getting back to nature. Just in case you were too lazy to follow a link to Douban, I've put the photos in the extended version of this post.

Not only are there some incredible photos below, there's also a great video featuring clips from Pet Conspiracy's recent tour. This is their 13 stop European tour that Helen Feng described as "one of the most successful tours I think a Chinese band has ever done" in an interview with Sam Gaskin at Shanghai Talk. Read the full interview here.

These guys, plus Boys Climbing Ropes, plus Duck Fight Goose, plus B6 and the Antidote DJs - this Friday at MAO could be a huge one.

Oh, and in case you're left in any doubt, the photos after this jump are almost certainly NSFW.

petfree.jpgpetconspiracy.jpgpetlie.jpgpet girls.jpgpetcocks.jpgpetsmoke.jpg

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To be completely honest, the big shock of this shoot, having lived in Shanghai for 8 years now, is seeing people in a nature setting.

It takes me back to days of skinny dipping, tree climbing and generally larking about the wilderness in various states of half-dress and shorts etc.

The one of the two guys running towards the camera makes me want to streak, it looks so fun.

... and if that video doesn't pump you for Friday night, I dunno what will.

That vid rocks hard. I'm in.

Why don't we all head up to the Forest Park this weekend and recreate some of these?

No? No-one?


Doing something like this anywhere in Shanghai would come out like it was about refugees or urban poverty.

Since Leiren think they are funny and provocative, I think they should film a video for one of their TV theme covers which is them legging it naked down a busy Nanjing Road, with ultraman masks on.

If you lads are lookin' for more indie rawk PRON, a Canadian band called AIDS Wolf did a similar naked-band-back-to-nature thing a few years ago.

Here's them on google images:

Watch out! Indie dicks in your face!


Some nakedness on Kungfuology. It's only RULE 1 of winning the internet...

Cocks on - it's been a long time coming eh?

Oh, and while we're on the subject, anyone seen the new Girls video?

Actually, c*cks are the acid test for this sort of thing.

Rule one of majority American TV and film: You can show someone getting murdered, you can portray a good guy shooting someone in the face or head - but for god's sake NO NUDY BITS!!!!!

Rule two: In cases where some female nudity is acceptable, ok, some, but it better be titillating (those naughty naughty girls) ... but for god's sake - NO P*nis!!!!

Basic message: murder/violence is all good, but sex is shameful, especially for women.

That's why avant garde nudity must have co-ed non sexual situations with plenty of p*nis.

OH ..I just went to the Aids Wolf Myspace page and listened to Tied up in Paper

... gor blimey.

Sounds like a 99p special from the sadly defunct Probe Records eh Andy?

this reminds me of an aussie band who will be remembered only for playing naked on national tv. i present Lubricated Goat.

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