Podcast Four: Muscle Snog "Call It Pop Song"

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Correction: We were so hyped in the podcast that we called the song Not A Pop Song. It is, in fact, called Call It Pop Song.

Here it is then, podcast number four. In this week's outing, we ask whether all the hype was justified over Pet Conspiracy as well as discussing the MAO show in general and the bizarre case of the t-shirt snatching photographer. We also talk about Hanggai's bai jiu fuelled gig the following night at the Dream Factory before moving on to look at two very exciting upcoming CD releases - new albums from Muscle Snog and 8 Eye Spy. Finally, we take a look ahead to this weekend's action before playing you out with an exclusive Muscle Snog track, which we manage to give the wrong name to (Jake was thinking of the Curry Soap's This is Not a Sad Song at the time).

And here's the links to go with it all if you're the multi-tasking type:

Pet Conspiracy at MAO
The nudity and the hype
Pet Conspiracy on the MySpace
Boys Climbing Ropes
Duck Fight Goose
The write up
The photographers debate

Hanggai's MySpace
The write up

Maybe Noise
A little bit about Muscle Snog and their Douban
8 Eye Spy's MySpace
A review of RESO 8 (organised by Mai Mai)
the Curry Soap
A little bit about Sun Ye
[As we were recording, Maybe Mars released an announcement on Douban to say that Mind Shop is now on sale - allow a couple of days for it to get to Shanghai though]
Stockist details

Dan Shapiro's weekend preview
Candy Shop
Black Luna
Forget and Forgive
Why Andy can't forget or forgive Lightninger
Chaos Mind
Screaming Saviour
Six Shot
October Capricorn
Mr Chelonian

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Dan doesn't comment on the blaaaags because he thinks it ruins his mystique.

Isn't that right, Dan?

But rest assured, he loves the podcast. He hasn't been this excited since "Tiny Music... Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop" came out.

Is that right, Dan?

Apologies for the 'in-jokes' but you can follow the link to Dan Shapiro's Weekend Preview to see where the Ayi joke started life.

I remember when I first heard "Tiny Music...". Changed my life

We love Muscle Snog in our office and this track sounds sick.

Nice work, HypeMachines...

I'm so sorry about the shirt, Jake. If you want, I can give it to you. I've yet to wear it...

No way Ferret, you got that one fair and square. My problem was with the underhand tactics of the Phogger

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