The Mushrooms in Hangzhou

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pupu.jpgThis weekend was the West Lake Music Festival down in Hangzhou. Pet Conspiracy (in town next weekend) and Carsick Cars were there together with locals October Capricorn and Shanghai's own The Mushrooms.

There's a couple of video clips of The Mushrooms performing at the festival on the official site. I say of The Mushrooms, this one is just of a girl on someone's shoulders with The Mushrooms playing in the background. This one is of the band though. It's only a minute long, but you can see Pupu doing his thing and hear people in the crowd singing along. It's basically more evidence that The Mushrooms are a top notch live act. According to this report, even the security guys were pogo-ing along.

Anyone who's read mine or Andy's blogs before no doubt knows all about The Mushrooms, so I won't go through the whole "I don't really like the genre, but I love this band" thing here. There's plenty about them on this site if you look for it. One link I will throw in though is to this video, which is the full version of 为什么你爱他, the track they're performing in the second video from Hangzhou linked above. Give 'em a play.

More photos of The Mushrooms at the West Lake Music Festival here

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The Mushrooms are on the bill for this show

here on Douban

It's on the 20th and features four bands including the return of Crystal Butterfly.

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