Video: Torturing Nurse at Canart

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I wasn't at Canart last night to watch Torturing Nurse - I was over at the Dream Factory watching the excellent Hanggai (more on them in a minute) - but by the looks of things that might have been for the best. This is a classic Torturing Nurse performance, as in not what the audience is expecting. I don't want to give too much away, but trust me, you definitely want to watch this video. It certainly puts Pet Conspiracy's "crazy" stage antics in context.

I doubt it'll be quite in the same vein, but if you're into the experimental/noise scene, don't forget it's RESO tonight at Yuyintang. 9pm, 40 kuai.

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Unfortunately, the camera really didn't pick up the sound of the meat slopping on the chairs, floor, etc. You know, the noise in its essence and all. There was just too much rustling from the crowd trying to get away from the meat...

That was great. I'll have to catch their next show.

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