Video: Triple Smash at Yuyintang

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Triple Smash have stuck up a bunch of videos from their performance at the Rock for Roots & Shoots night at Yuyintang last Saturday. The one here is When You Hold on to Your Dreams. I mentioned in my write up that the band are going on tour and here seems as good a place as any to let you know the wheres and whens in case you happen to be in these places:

27/11 - Nanchang, Black Iron Livehouse
28/11 - Hangzhou, 798 Pub
29/11 - Suzhou, WAVE
12/4 - Chengdu, Matang

If you're a fan of the rock without a singer thing, you'll probably know that Mono are in town this weekend (more on that here), but you'll also appreciate Triple Smash's cover of this excellent 65 Days of Static song right here. 65 Days of Static are a great band incidentally, someone should definitely bring them to Shanghai - the kids would love it.

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Hehe, 65DOS are great, but I guess not too many people understand their music in a way to appreciate what they do. Mono is wonderful as well.....

Oooo Mono! I loves me some Mono. I guess that's my Sat night sorted.

200 RMB on the door. Ouch.

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