Boojii release Detective M

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boojii.reserved.jpgBoojii, one of this blog's favourite bands, have released a new track via their Douban. If you're as excited as me about that news, you'll want to go right ahead and hit this link right here, ignoring the general fluff that follows in this post. The track is called 侦探M, which I'm going to translate as Detective M, unless anyone has any quibbles.

Presumably, this is from their still-to-be-released album Reserved. Initial word was that the record would be out in October, but we're rapidly running out of days in 2009 and I've still not seen a copy. Of course, Muscle Snog and 8 Eye Spy have taught us that we shouldn't put too much faith in rumoured album release dates.

Anyway, go give that track a listen and if you're thinking 'who the hell are this band?', why not read a little bit about Boojii right here.

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