LOgO improves its soundsystem

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fender.jpgAfter Mao's new photographer policy, comes another victory for Kungfuology.com. Nah, I'm joking, I don't really think we had anything to do with this, but LOgO have seen sense and have decided to do something about their crappy soundsystem. After the fifth anniversary show at YYT last Friday, I headed over to the Xingfu Lu strip to check out the Mod Dance Party (I do love a bit of Northern Soul) and found an improved sound.

I got there to find a band tuning up. It was The Bandits, an instrumental rock band led by him out of Banana Monkey. They were good and were helped by a whacking new amp placed in the middle of the stage. They've added a couple of other new amps as well apparently, meaning that the sound is now much better. Anyone who made it to Papier Tigre over the weekend will have seen it in action as well I expect.

It's easy to criticise and throw out disparaging comments on blogs and, while I'm not really suggesting it's related to the whinge I had after the Steely Heart show, LOgO deserve credit for realising there was a problem and doing something about it.

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