Back to school at Yuyintang

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yytclassroom.jpgThis is why Yuyintang is a great boost to the Shanghai music community. They're running free music production classes for anyone who's interested, the only requirements are that you love music, that you have your own equipment (i.e. a computer and the right software and/or a MIDI keyboard) and that you have the time to do it. Not bad. 

The idea is to help young bands and artists get an understanding of the basics of music production and enable them to independently produce music. Given the importance of the internet and the ease with which bands can potentially get their music out to big audiences these days, such self-production expertise is an important step in the development of a band. 

Often on this blog, I link to band's and artists' Douban pages and the quality of some of the tracks on there are amazing. Bands like Double Control Where (here) and FAF (here) are just two recent examples of how having a quality demo on your site can be a real boost in addition to your live shows. Having some basic production knowledge is clearly a massive help.

So yeah, well done Yuyintang for offering it up for free. Check out the full course details here (in Chinese) or contact YYT direct through their website

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