Boys Climbing Ropes and Duck Fight Goose at YYT

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bcr.jpgSo Andy was joking on the pod that I was foaming at the mouth over this gig and it's true I was really looking forward to it - even though I've seen both these bands loads of times now, I felt it would be a great show. And it was. Boys Climbing Ropes have, with production from Brad Ferguson, released an accomplished CD and last night's gig showed them at their best. Everything sounded great, the crowd kicked off right from the start and it was just an all round brilliant show.

Naturally, they played material that was mostly from the new CD, but they also slipped in a couple of old favourites. It's the kind of music that deserves to have a room full of people jumping around to it and last night it happened - they got the response they deserve. I'm running out of ways to describe just how much I like this band.

Same goes for Duck Fight Goose. I know I say this every time I see them, but they just get better and better. The bar is already pretty high from their previous performances, but each time they play, they just seem to improve on it. Again, I'm running out of superlatives for them, but they really are that good. If you've never seen this band play before, you seriously need to get along to their next show, they are outstanding. Someone needs to get those guys in the studio now.

As a postscript, I got to LOgO for Dan'sToshi's night there in time to catch some of Jehosophat Blow and the Blah Blah Blahs. I'm not going to write too much about them as I didn't see the whole show, but give that link a click, listen to their stuff and if you like it, I'm fairly sure they'll be at Yuyintang on Friday. I'll confirm that when I can...Confirmed. Details here

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Yeah, I love to hear a duck fight goose album. Or at least more tracks on their douban page --maybe with a couple download links?


I was standing almost immediately behind you when you took this shot.

Can we get a mention of Xiao Punk's hat? It was pretty awesome for the one song which she wore it in.

I'm amused that the hat looked like it was taking a bite out of her head and the last track on the ep is about Zombies.

Yeah I think the current demos on their Douban do DFG a bit of a dis-service so some proper recordings would be good. I was talking to ChaCha during their set and she was saying that she'd heard the demos on Douban, but hadn't thought the band were going to be quite as good as they were. She was amazed at how good they were live, like everyone is when they see them the first time really.

As for a mention of the hat... I may have left that out due to personal guilt. Little Punk wore it for the gig a couple of weeks back and after the show I stole it and wore it for the rest of the night. First thing she said when I walked in to YYT on Saturday was "you fucked up my hat". Turns out my head is a bit bigger than Little Punk's (surprisingly) and I've stretched it out. Maybe that's why she only wore it for one song.



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