Boys Climbing Ropes-watch, plus other new tracks

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bcr.jpgJust a week to go until BCR release their new EP, Except for the Darkness (it's no longer going to be called Jingan), a release you really ought to be excited about. As a taster, you can now listen to the track Saskatchewan by hitting up their Douban page right here. This is the flyer you can see next to this text, not sure if it's the album artwork, but it's a nice photo. So there you go. Oh yeah, they're being supported by Duck Fight Goose that night too. Unmissable.

In the meantime, here's some other new tracks for you:

Fearless have a new instrumental track here.

Lezi has a couple of new tracks up, including one called Harmonious (nudge nudge, wink wink) here.

Sun Ye has a new one, right here.

The Lanterns, a band who made a comeback recently, have put a new track up here

Andy's blog will have news from this weekend's gigs by the way, get on it. 

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Holy crap dude...
The song is SICK!!!
Can't wait to listen to the others!

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