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bjnoise.JPGA while back, we mentioned the slightly puzzling dearth of music blogs in the capital. Being based in Shanghai, we have to endure constantly being told that the music scene here isn't as good as, or as developed as the Beijing one. Fine, but given the huge amount of international attention the scene up north receives compared to us down here, it's always seemed a bit odd that there was no regular English-language blog covering the scene up there. Incidentally, when I say covering the scene, I mean in a similar way to what we do here - bits and bobs of news, new tracks and gig reviews etc - China Music Radar of course gives Beijing plenty of excellent coverage on their side of things. 

Anyway, what that overly long and rambling paragraph is prefacing is the news that there is now an English-language blog on the Beijing scene. It's called Beijing Noise and you can find it right here if you want to stick it on your RSS or reader or whatever.

It's early days yet and so far posts have been geared largely toward rounding up forthcoming events etc., but there's a couple of reviews and some videos up there too, which suggest other regular content could be on the way. One to keep an eye on anyway.

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