Expendable release Paris '68

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expendable.jpgSo posts have been a bit slow recently (sorry Morgan). Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated and normal service will be resumed shortly - I promise. In the meantime, Andy has blogged last weekend's shows at Yuyintang. More importantly, his band Expendable have just released their latest song, Paris '68, and it rocks. Go check it out right now here. No, really - right now. 

Go, go, go.

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I have to say that Brad (Ferguson) did a f*cking good job on the production. Especially considering we never used an actual studio.

Of course, I'm biased.

WOW...! What a great song - and great lyrics. Love the guitar too.

Very kind of you, YLK.

Hey Andy, I want to hear it LIVE! When can we expect your virgin gig?...:)

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