Got any plans this weekend?

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If so and they don't include the below then drop them, drop them now. This weekend is a cracker. Check it out:

Friday night has instrumental rock outfit Triple Smash returning from their tour to play a special thank you gig. FAF are in support. Yep, the band featured here and in the video embedded in this post.

Saturday sees Beijing's TOOKOO combine with Bigger Bang! for a potentially explosive night. Last time Bigger Bang were in town it was a great show and some people got pretty excited about them at Zhangbei too. TOOKOO are a quality act as well. More on that here.

Sunday has brilliant Canadian folksters Great Lake Swimmers in town. Should be a good 'un.

And that's just at Yuyintang. MAO Livehouse has Joe Chou on Friday - check out an excellent article about him by friend of the blog Tom Mangione over on SmartShanghai by pointing your mouse here and using your clicking finger.

Then they've got Sonata Arctica on Sunday, while Live Bar has the band with the fake CV on Friday (actually, you might want to give that one a miss) and Bremen, Rainbow Danger Club, Truth and Unlucky Bear on the Saturday.

So much musical goodness. Sod the cold, get out there.

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Someone has to go to Newby's apartment to see if he's dead on the floor or something.

Come on Jake! Where's the articles?

Also, it's time to bring the podcast back.

No, that's it. I won't hear any more about it.

Citizens ... please remain calm. There is no need to panic.

Jake is fine but in the unfortunate situation of working on one of those unique starter upper projects with all the future potential but outrageous amounts of work now.

Podcast plans are down and the second season will be back very shortly.

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