New Hedgehog material, new Hedgehog

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p54635623-2.jpgSo Hedgehog, nearly everyone's favourite band, have split. Sort of. The bassist has left, but it seems drummer Atom and guitarist ZO are planning to carry on under the Hedgehog banner. The split had been on the cards for a while now and, though it seemed as if last year's Modern Sky tour of the States had staved off such a move, it's finally come to fruition.

Nevertheless, the remaining duo have uploaded four new songs to their Douban page, supposedly in preparation for a new album. Once they find a bassist. You can check the songs out here.

At the same time, the two of them have formed a new project called B-Side Lovers. There's no music up on the Douban page for this new band, but according to Pete over on CMR, they sound like "Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins".

Whatever is going on, it seems it's the end of an era for Hedgehog, if not for the band entirely. It's a shame, Hedgehog were a great band and one of the brightest in China. Personally, some of my best memories of gigs in the country have involved the band and it's a shame that they've had to go their separate ways. I suppose we'll just have to see where Hedgehog (and B-Side Lovers) go from here.

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Siamese Dream era Pumpkins is something i can get on board with. I Look forward to hearing that!

[falls to the ground and raises hands in the air]

[realizes how foolish he looks, picks himself up and looks pensive for a moment before speaking:]

I do like Siamese Dream SP, so I suppose there may be something good to come out of all this.

siamese dream era pumpkins is the best era pumpkins. hopefully hedgehog grabs a bassist real fast and record another album =)

The new demos are closer to Happy Idle Kid. I like them.

Zo told me that B-Side Lovers aim to create "more dark, noisy, post-punk and experimental" music. "It's not the b-side collection of Hedgehog," he said. "It's totally new and exciting."

We were all really surprised when B-Side Lovers unleashed that groove machine at D-22 on NYE. I personally expected something along the lines of A4 Destroyer, Soviet Pop or any other of the more masturbatory side projects that some of Beijing's more recognizable musicians have been dabbling in.

And I completely agree with you, Jake, on Hedgehog being the soundtrack to many fond memories. For me, the time in early-2007 when they were honing their chops at D-22 and 2 Kolegas was a time of great transition.

In any event, I'm looking forward to their next show on Feb 27 at D-22 with the much-missed Ourself Beside Me and the new Molds lineup.

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