Podcast SE02 Ep One: Rustic and FAF

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So it's come to this. A second series.

Yup, we're back and because it's been a while, this pod's a special hour long one. Before you get too over-excited, have a quick squizz at what it's all about: we look back at the main story of the long, cold podcast-less weeks, review last weekend's gig action, talk a bit about ch-ch-changes with Hedgehog and then look forward to this weekend. Not only that, but there's two songs included. Yes indeed.

Here's your links then, click 'em while they're hot:

Since We've Been Gone
Top Floor Circus
Those t-shirts
Minter on Expo

Last Weekend
Good Jive
Good Jive review
Rock Shanghai at YYT

Noise Hit World
Hedgehog's Douban
Hedgehog's changes
B-Side Lovers

Andy's agony (including that photo)
Melodic death metal night
P.S. The Maybe Mars showcase line-up has changed since we recorded this last night

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@Andy: Damn, you been in Thailand in December? Me too, we could have met up, ayo, next time then ...

No, that's a joke.

I wasn't there.

Great to see (hear?) you guys doing the podcast again.

As for Rustic, I'm really not sure what to think about them, but they definitely put on a great live show. And those pants...

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