Podcast SE02 Ep Two: Boys Climbing Ropes Whale Song

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Series two, episode two then, looks like this: there's a look back to the Maybe Mars showcase last weekend, followed by some discussion of what they and Splitworks are doing with some of the up and coming bands in both Beijing and Shanghai. There's the fascinating story of our trip out to the new 0093 location and then there's a look ahead to this weekend's big gigs before playing an exclusive preview of Boys Climbing Ropes' track Whale Song.

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Maybe Mars at MAO
Dan on Rustic
Andy's review

The Mushrooms

Chaos Mind
Six Shot
Boys Climbing Ropes
About that song

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Just for the record: PK 14 Records:
烂掉吧 - 2000
上楼就往左拐 - 2001
Shei Shei Shei He Shei Shei Shei - 2004, October
White Paper - 2005, September
City Weather Sailing - 2008, July

Rock on!!!

Rgd. Shanghai bands that have at least a CD out and therefore can play longer, I guess you forget: Sonnet, 33rd Island, the classic guys: The Honeys, Crystal Butterfly; Your favorites ;) Cold Fairyland

The Boys Climbing Ropes track is Saskatchewan (after the province).


Thanks for all the info guys.

Max, San San doesn't play with the 33island line up anymore. As for Sonnet. They are just now introducing some new material but their regular set since reforming usually consists of 4-6 tracks. They still haven't quite found their 'mojo' yet either.

Yeah, the Honey's, CB and CF can play a proper set.

Damn, you are killing us! We're desperately trying to get away from cheesy rock and older bands.

Actually ...here's one: Yu Guo. They are pretty professional too.

Arghh, we are commercial.

@Andy: Thanks for the news, ah, it's good to know about 33rd Island & Sonnet, that's what the insight Shanghai blog is about, to keep track about such developments ... ;)

I am not killing you, I mean, Shanghai has that magic halo of commercial pop hanging all over the city... I guess that's killing you... E.g. in your pod you mention the "core" bands incl. FaF and you describe them as catchy and accessible... I would plainly call them pop ;) maybe that's a better term for the Shanghai scene. Instead of "cheesy classic rock" it's a "Pop-X" sound, pop rock, pop punk, pop emocore, ...


I agreed with the fact that YuYinTang needs a CD store on-site. Lose the foosball, bring in the recordings. I was just thinking that the other day.

Also, I hope I get to see the BCR/DFG show Saturday. I have never seen a whole DFG set, always coming in too late. But I have been hearing them rehearsing a lot recently and they are so quirkily cool.

Oh yeah, kind of a big night for BCR, too. Congrats to them. Whale Song was one I always like at their shows. Cool song.

YuYintang used to have a CD store in there, good times. But it was run by Tiantian of 0093 and they rented the space to him like a shop and it was impossible to make it float.

Then there was nothing. Then they put in the display cases by the football table. But it's not really managed. They're not really doing anything with it.

I just think bands should come down and hawk their gear on days when they are not playing too. T-shirts, CDs and anything else like stickers and stuff.

The Miniless people are good at stuff like that. But everyone else has to get with this idea that if you're underground or independent, you have to organise and push yourselves a lot.

The Mushrooms pulled themselves up a whole level by self promoting more.

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