Vote for bands at Midi 2010

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Picture 1.pngI'm not sure anyone knows where it will be exactly yet or, given previous years' dramas, whether it'll take place or not, but Midi is inviting bands to sign up for Midi 2010 at the moment. Obviously, they'll pick the big bands themselves, but lesser-known bands (i.e. anyone who is not multi-award-winning Miserable Faith) can sign up now for a chance of playing the festival.

There's even a MySpace minisite where bands can put up a song and have people vote for them. Last time I checked, Shanghai was fairly under-represented, with only Joker and Bremen in there at the minute. I'm not sure how binding the voting system is, but getting exposure at Midi could be a big help to a band, so if you're on MySpace, go login and get voting. The site is here.

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