Podcast SE02 Ep Five: Chaos Mind Scream

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So, technical cock up this week, the pod is intermittently buzzy. Believe me, it will annoy you. Don't let that stop you listening though because here's what we've got: reviews of a couple of last week's gigs, a chat about a certain festival going on in the next few weeks and of course a guide to where to get your rocks off this weekend.

Click and be happy:


The middle bit
JUE 2010 - official site
JUE preview + highlights on CNNGo

(Nanjing's) From the Red

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'Don't get hit by Yaks in the night' made me laugh like a fool in a crowded office.

Yeah, this week's was highly comedic. Good times.

I wish I hadn't corpsed on the big payoff, at least I got the line out "rock on with your Crocs on."

But really, Jake had forgotten it was coming then was knocking back water at the exact same time then nearly choked on it.

But what I really wanted to say in the comments here was that the concept is actually real. Our PETA show was picked up by a Chinese mag called 1626 and I bought it to see what they'd written. Imagine my surprise when I saw the (unrelated) cover feature was in fact a Crocs campaign called "Join the band". It's a picture of a guy rocking out on stage (hand drawn style) with his Crocs in the foreground.

I was just like, "sh*t, it's true, ad execs are strung out at work."

I recently saw pictures of the W+K office and it's true; they are strung out. But the place looked smashing.

Anyways, I just wanted to point out that the bassist for Break for Borneo is Mike Brownell, another Layabozi collabo (and professional bassist), and the other singer and guitarist is Adam Crossley.

Also, Andy, I think you may be over-representing ONE comment I made on ONE post about world music! I love music from all over the world, sure, but B4B is strictly for my Tropical Rockers, Trockers for short. This will soon become a moniker for our legions of fans, sort of like "Phish-Heads," "Hipster Dufuses," or "Extremo Losers."

And, oh yeah, we are totally down with the Crocs/music synergy. So sign us up. How does this grab you?

"People who dig Trock, wear Crocs."

Hey Zack, yeah I should stop milking the world music thing.

I am ready to embrace trock though - obviously a good match for Crocs because of the rhyme. Ad ppl drop your credit cards and mirrors and get on that!

Someone who actually owns a pair of crock and wears them around should have some input here...

*cough* *cough* Hamilton *cough* *cough*

I do NOT wear them out the front of the house, and man, that shit is COMFORTABLE

and I am a wannabee W+Ker, so let it rest, Morgan-awesome. Or should I call you DJ Exploding Torpedo Titties?

On the podcast you mentioned that there are some bands that play on the outskirts that you may not know about well I think I've found what your looking for! In a bar on the outskirts on Friday and there was a band called lucky cookie, Shanghai band with a Brit on guitar, spoke to him and asked him why I've never heard of them? He said that they are refining their sound before they start playing gigs in the city, they F***ing rocked. They're on douban.

Cool, thanks for the tip

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