Post-CNY malaise ends

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4082441910_447be9b72a.jpgYou've probably noticed that posts on this blog have dropped off a bit lately. There's a couple of reasons - one is that I've been insanely busy with other stuff, the other is that it was Chinese New Year recently and therefore the live music scene shut down for a couple of weeks. For the former, I'm afraid that's just going to happen and when it does, you need to go here. For the latter, it's well and truly over now as this weekend shows.

Things start on Thursday with Break for Borneo at YYT. That's got Gooda Boys, Mis.Whale! and Stegosaurus? too. Speaking of Stegosaurus?, Andy mentions that they're close to finishing a CD, so keep an eye out for that and go check out the demos that have been popping up on their Douban recently. If you like what you hear, things kick off at 9pm on Thursday and it's free entry so get on down there.

MAO Livehouse have got Taiwanese pop-rockers 1976 both Friday and Saturday nights, but if that's not your thing, Yuyintang have Big Qiang Dao on the Friday. That's Sonnet, Pinkberry, Manbanpai (Hama's new band) and Yinle. That one starts at 9pm and is 40RMB.

Over at Zhijiang Dream Factory meanwhile, there's a big benefit gig for Haiti following the devastating earthquake there in January. The bands are Duck Fight Goose, Weghur, Lions of Puxi, Monroe Stahr, Wayne's Basement and Studio 188. That one's also at 9pm and will cost 100RMB, with proceeds going to charity.

Saturday gets going early with NOIShanghai 33 up at Live Bar. Torturing Nurse are there of course and their guests this time are Horacio Pollard and Thursday Club. If you like your noise and experimental stuff or are just intrigued by videos like this, then head there for 2.30pm and be prepared to pay 30RMB on the door.

Stick around until 9.30pm and you'll find Red and Firefighter up at Live Bar. The latter are the band who cover The Mushrooms (you might remember them from here), which is a bit bizarre but kind of intriguing. 30 kuai gets you in.

Back down town, you've got Japanese punks Smash Up at YYT with support from Little Nature and the always entertaining Dragon Pizza.

And that is not a bad weekend. The weekend after, JUE starts and it's the one year anniversary of Hell United. Hope you had a good rest over New Year, because things are definitely going again now.

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