Serial killer targeting Shanghai's livehouses

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kurt.jpgAn electronic tip of the hat in the direction of friend of the blog Stevo, who pointed us in the direction of Nathaniel Davis' playlist on Nathaniel is one of the guys behind Splitworks who, as you probably know, are putting on JUE Festival right about now.

Aaaanyway, one of the tracks he chose was by Kurt The Ripper, an electro artist who has a series of songs related to the various live music venues in Shanghai. You can listen to the YYT, MAO and Live Bar tracks by clicking right here.

The tracks form an album, Livehouse Serial Killer (anyone know how you can get your hands on it?), which is accompanied by the following blurb:

"It is said to be inspired by an unconfirmed news that a serial killer has been haunting about the livehouses in Shanghai, stalking and killing young girls after the gigs, especially those who prefer staying overnight in the McDonalds till dawn. At least 13 girls are missing now according to Seaborn Zhang, the archenemy of ShRock. Who will be the next victim´╝č"

This is the original text from the Douban page for the album (here) and I'm guessing that "Seaborn Zhang" is what Google Translate does to Zhang Haisheng (founder of YYT).

Kind of weird, but I kind of like it. Go give it a listen. And yeah, if anyone knows how to get hold of the mp3s or whatever, please let us know in the comments. Ta.

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Wasn't that a fake/joke Douban item put up in response to that YYT group post claiming a girl went missing from the Mushrooms school uniform party?

There was a sincere post saying how the show was immoral and that a girl - ID'd in one of the photos, went missing from the area around the outside park toilets.

Later on, Pupu pointed out that the girl is a friend of his and she's fine ..there was a big discussion, then that CD thing came out not long after. I could be f*cking this up? I half assumed it was a weird net stunt by Pupu himself.

Anyway - the tracks inspired by livehouses - is Mao Shanghai's a light jazz track.

Hi Jake! Looks like there's a rayfile link here -

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