Taking care of business

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deadelvis.jpgNothing substantial enough here for a full post, but a few things that are worth clicking on, haphazardly bundled together into the following few paragraphs. But before we get to that, go read this if you haven't done so already. Go on

Right then, FAF lead singer Xiao Ding Ding also does his own solo stuff on the side. He's put up a new track of late, so go check it out right here.

Speaking of new tracks, Pinkberry have stuck one up as well. Sort of, it's like a collaboration between Xiao You and rapper Tim Wu. Anyway, aparently the music is all recorded for the forthcoming Pinkberry EP now and they just need to lay down the vocals. Look out for that in the next month or so.

And speaking of forthcoming CDs, friends of the blog Stegosaurus? have set a date for their CD release. Mark your calendars for Saturday 17 and put 'Go to Yuyintang tonight' in big letters. As if that wasn't a big enough draw for you anyway, the boys have roped in a few friends who you might recognise: Dragon Pizza, Rainbow Danger Club and some band called Boys Climbing Ropes who I've never heard of.

A little nearer on the horizon, this weekend is the last of JUE. If you missed the last one... well holy shit Dead Elvis was a-fucking-mazing. Anyway, before it all ends you can catch Matthew Niederhauser at Dada's photography night on Wednesday night at 8pm. Whet your appetite with these photos right here and while you're on that esteemed site, feast your eyes and ears with MP3 Monday - 'best one ever'. Yes indeed. By the way, Dada are showing Spinal Tap tonight for the SubCinema night. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

Finally, competing for your attentions with the JUEness this weekend is a metal gig at Harley's. Sporadic they may be down there, but check out the line-up for this one: Chaos Mind, Six Shot, Fearless and La La Ying. See you there.

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