Hypebeast: go watch Ho-Tom tonight

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mang.JPGAlright, so I can't hype a gig quite like this guy, but I want to tell you all to go watch Ho-Tom the Conqueror tonight. He's playing at Yuyintang at 8.30pm SHARP. None of this "oh it starts at 8.30pm so I'll probably show up around 10pm" nonsense - his co-singer has somewhere else to be or something so he's got to go on at 8.30pm SHARP. I'm not using that caps lock arbitrarily here. 

We talked a bit about him on the pod (here) and I'll admit that he's a mate, but I genuinely like his stuff and whole-heartedly recommend his shows. Tonight is the rescheduling of last week's show, which was cancelled due to the day of mourning for people lost in the Qinghai earthquake. Unfortunately, the rescheduled gig was announced after I'd already sorted out an Expo escape to Beijing for festival season, so I won't be able to make it tonight. Gutted. This is Ho-Tom's first time on the Yuyintang stage, entry is totally free and he's great, so go in my place and whoop loudly when he comes on before requesting that he plays 'The Ballad of Daniel Mao'.

You'll find The Spondees and The Gooda Boys on the bill at as well, though the highlight is clearly this handsome young buck pictured here. So yeah, Yuyintang tonight. Did I mention it starts at 8.30pm and it's free?

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