Neocha release Expo CD

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eXpo-@-NeochaEDGE.jpgYou might have got the impression from a few obtuse mentions here and there that this blog isn't massively excited about the event that starts in May in Shanghai. There's been a few clues that Andy isn't particularly enamoured by it either. Let's hope we're wrong. It'd be great if the Expo is a celebration of local and international culture and music and that the underground venues and local bands that we love are allowed to perform unhindered, or at least to the extent that they are normally. But we'll see.

That said, not everyone holds this doomsday view of the whole thing. Take Neocha for example, they've just announced plans to release a CD 'in celebration of the World Expo'. Entitled eXpo, the album will be a 'ten track compilation showcasing the leading independent electronic artists in China' and true enough features Sun Ye, ZLOX, B6 and a Shanghai Restoration Project remix of a Mogu Hong track. The album follows Neocha's other excellent compilations, Tomorrow's Afternoon Tea (female acts/bands with female vocalists) and Post Rock (err, post rock). You can find more info on the CD, to be released on May 4th, right here

If independent electronic ish is your bag, then you need to get yourself to 696 Livehouse this Saturday for the Mini-E showcase featuring amongst others Sun Ye, SIG and MHP all of whom feature on the eXpo CD. If you get diverted by Reflector at YYT or Trash a Go-Go at LOgO instead however, you can always head to YYT on Thursday 15th for pretty much the same line-up. More details on the Mini-E thingy here.

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