The Mushrooms to release EP

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mushrooms mao one.jpgAbout time. Pu Pu announced on stage last night that The Mushrooms are set to start recording their debut EP next month. Their debut EP, after however many years. We've been made to wait a long time for this record, but it's great news that they've finally got one on the go. Pu Pu has told me that he reckons they'll record for two or three weeks and that they're aiming for a release at the end of July. 

This is a band that has been covered here at Kungfuology a fair bit, but with good reason. They are one of the best performers you can see here. Seeing as how we're coming up to a birthday, I decided to have a little hunt for the band's first mention on the site. I think it's here, back when they were still called Crazy Mushroom Brigade and where Andy describes them thus:

"They are one of a handful of Chinese underground rock/punk bands that are in total command of their instruments, sound and performance. Watching them is a religous experience, but, as they are native to the Shanghai scene, they haven't made the step up to play to a good sized crowd like they deserve."

They've certainly got that crowd now. Can't wait for the EP.

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Great news!!!

Seconded. My favourite band in Shanghai. Will be good to see how big they get, I think they've got a lot of potential. Good examples for other local bands for how to perform

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