Video: Little Northern Europe

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So I've been on at the Curry Soap to play live for ages. She says she's not happy enough with the songs yet, I tell her they're great and she should perform, she says she's not happy enough with the songs again. The conversation goes round in circles a bit. Anyway, the other night at Live Bar, I finally fulfilled my aim of seeing Little Northern Europe performed live. Except it wasn't her.

In fairness, Sunny, the guitarist in this video, was the guitarist for the Curry Soap last time they rehearsed as well, but this time round Leeko throws down the vocals. This is my favourite Curry Soap song (check out the original here, it's a gem) so it was good to see it live, but I'm still waiting for a real Curry Soap performance. Anyway, give this video a click to see what I'm babbling about.

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I might play with Sunny on this Friday, but only one little song. not Little Northern Europe :-)

come on vivien! give us a full length cd too! :-)

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