0093 back in the game

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0093.jpg0093, the rehearsal space and one of the keystones of the local music community here will be opening their new premises this weekend. It's a few blocks down the road from their original space on Lingling Lu. The new address is 1228 Quxi Lu, near Dapuqiao Lu and the nearest metro is Luban Lu on line 4. Head to that address and you'll see a hotpot restaurant with a giant globe in the foyer. Go in, turn left, cut through the kitchens and down the stairs and you're in the new home of 0093, a familiar underground bomb shelter setting.

There's eight large practice rooms down there that were in the process of being kitted out when I visited on Tuesday. Tian Tian and Shaoqing assured me that it would be open this weekend though and on their Douban group the opening date is set as tomorrow. I didn't take any pictures while I was down there so this photo on the right is of the old space on Lingling Lu. The practice rooms in the new location are larger, but it's essentially the same set up.

Their original premises closed back in October for 'refurbishment', but there was more going on than that and the place didn't open again. There was the attempt to open a space out near Caoyang Lu, but when Andy and I visited that one it wasn't exactly up and running. This new location on Quxi Lu seems like a safer bet though. Whether the bands who have migrated to other rehearsal spaces will return remains to be seen, but hopefully 0093 will be able to settle down now and continue their good work. 

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