Gibson guitar cathedral hosting Your Songs, Your Show tonight

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flyer1279617394.jpgYou know that big ol' Gibson shop on Hengshan Lu? They''ve got a few people playing some music there tonight. 

I have no musical talent whatsoever, so I'm not going to attempt to tell you what's in that shop. Guitars mostly. Lots and lots of guitars. I don't know, some are like pretty damn pricey and some are more in the 'fuck me, that's expensive' range. But it's Gibson, to say they know what they're doing when it comes to guitars is a massive understatement. Read more about the whole shebang here anyway.

So yeah, starting at 8pm there's a whole host of people playing music, talking about guitars and getting leathered. Hopefully. You see, the nice people at Gibson have stepped in and agreed to put on the 'Your Songs, Your Show' err show that was left in the lurch somewhat by the closure of Fanfare a while back. That means tearing it up (in a nice acoustic-y sort of way probably) will be Ho-Tom the Conqueror, Zhou Yong, Alain & Sushan, Mark Wengel and Andres Barros. So if you're stuck for something to do after Can Can and before Zapatas and Soho really get kickin', why not pop in? Word is there'll be some sweet deals on axes as well. Or something. Here's the details if you kan de dong the zhongwen.

Don't forget tonight and Friday it's 0093's birthday at YYT with loads of bands playing and there's a big folk show at MAO Livehouse tomorrow too. Saturday, it's all about YYT obviously (unless you want to stump up 350 big ones for Panic!)  

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