It's all go at Soma

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AD Show Poster.jpgWell, y'know relatively. Yep, there's been a few goings on at our beloved Soma Records. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

First up, the big news: Crystal Butterfly have confirmed the release date for their new album. Calm yourself, you've still got a while to wait. August 28 is the date for your diary, guess where the venue is? Go on, guess. Can we look forward to more self indulgent half nudity? A boy can dream.

Meanwhile, there's been a shake up in the management at Soma. Given the unbridled success of the label so far, you'd have thought such a move was unnecessary, but Lao Yao has decided to bring Zhang Li into the Soma fold. He's the bloke who manages Blue Garden. So that means Blue Garden are going to be a Soma band now too, while at the same time Zhang will manage all the other bands on the Soma roster. Oh, and if you're asking 'who?' when you read any of the above names, don't worry about it, chances are it won't really change much.

But wait, there's more. In another Soma-related development Little Nature, once an alright band, now kind of lacklustre, have lost their drummer Xiao Zhong (not, definitely not, to be confused with Xiao Zhong out of Pairs incidentally). They've replaced him and added a guitarist while they're at it because, well, why not?

All of which is pretty hard to give a shit about, but more worrying is that Soma are apparently sniffing around the actually-pretty-good FAF. Uh-oh...

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Do we know what Xiao Zhong is doing now? He's pretty good. New band perhaps?

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