New bands, new songs

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p198639810.jpgRight then, time for a round up.

Whaleman, one of the guys from Self Party, has a new band. They're called 扫射局长 in Chinese and Good Looking is Good in English. They profess to be a shoegaze noise pop band and unsurprisingly sound like My Bloody Valentine (one of the songs there is a MBV cover). They're also based in Hangzhou, so not sure when we'll get to see them up here, but they're worth having a listen to if you dig the shoegaze noise pop thing. Click here

Generally, this is a local blog for local bands, but while we're on the subject of out-of-towners, another interesting listen comes in the form of some newly uploaded songs from The Gar. The Beijing band have included a remix of their song 'Hamlet' done by IDM dude me:mo. Interesting stuff. Click here.

Finally, a Shanghai group with a couple of new tracks is Confirm-X (pictured). Two new songs have gone up on their Douban, the bottom two as you look at the player. But have a listen to all of them and look out for the next Mini-E showcase to catch these performed live. Click here.

Speaking of Miniless, they've put up a new label page on the Douban, so if you're on it and you haven't 关注ed them yet, you know what to do...

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I love the MBV shoegaze thing and Hangzhou ain't so far...

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