Pairs, Birdstriking and Boyz and Girl at Yuyintang

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p547458618.jpgActually that title is a bit misleading - I missed Pairs' set. Fuckrats. I missed them on Friday as well, so was pissed off that I managed to miss them again. I don't know, work shit - you know how it is. I got there about quarter to ten or something and they'd been on already. Nightmare. Anyway, I'm going to stick my neck out and say that they were fucking good simply because they're never any other way.

Despite my tardiness, I did manage to get my hands on one of those rather fashionable Pairs t-shirts that you've probably seen on the catwalks and in all the fashion mags. I got my hands on it by snatching it out of Steve's hands, sorry Steve, but he's getting one saying 'Jake Newby is a t-shirt stealing cunt' or something so it all worked out fairly well let's be honest.

I digress. This was the second time I'd seen Birdstriking since they were last in town and them snuggling up to Maybe Mars seems to be working out well for them - there development has been marked in those two performances. Sure, they sound just like Carsick Cars, but they're starting to add their own personality in a little bit now and last night they were on good form.

Which left Taiwan's Boyz and Girl to close things out, which they did with a strong set. Their music was described by Pete from WeLiveinBeijing as 'fuzzed-out, wandering melodies that coalesce into some amazing grooves.' And who am I to argue with that?

By the way, a little footnote here: my camera is broken so until I can scrape together enough money for a new one (which will be a while probably) I'm just going to be pulling photos off the interwebs, so I take no responsibility for the quality being better than usual. If anyone would like to give me a camera for free, please go ahead - I am not above accepting charity.

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