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coverpeople.JPGIt is, as Mr Best has noted, slow season for the live music world in Shanghai. To be honest, it's the slow season for everything really. Fair enough. It is, as Nina Simone has noted, too darn hot.

Anyway, there's still been a plethora (yeah, that's right, a plethora) of new tracks uploaded in the last weeks. I might have missed a few, but here's my attempt to rattle through them all in no particular order:

First up, some lo-fi folk from Coverpeople. Also, looking at her artist page, she's not played live in ages - what's that about? Let's have a Coverpeople gig soon please. Anyway, the new song is here (the top one).

Laid back folk not your cup of tea? Try Puppets of Distortion on for size instead. They've uploaded a bunch of tracks from performances at Yuyintang last month (the bottom ones) here.

Plastic Chocolate have recently uploaded some tracks, though they were all recorded years ago by the looks of it. It's indie-pop, take it or leave it.

Heading into the trip hop realm, the lovely ChaCha has uploaded a bunch of new tracks. They're her with a bunch of friends and they're great. Go listen here.

Want to know what the new Crystal Butterfly album is going to sound like? C'mon, you do a little bit. Here two tracks from it here.

Brit-poppers The Rank have a new demo, that's here (at the top).

There's probably a load more, but fuck it, I just cycled through 100 pages of Douban looking for all that and I really need to get to work. So here's three more that I remember going up recently and that I actually think are worth a listen:

Good Looks is Good do a cover of one of my favourite Self Party songs (the bands share a member). That's here.

The Beat Bandits have some tracks for you to listen to. Do it.

So do Toshi's other band, The Instigation. Listen here.

And I'm out.

Oh shit, wait. I knew there was a big one I was missing. New one from Stegosaurus? right here.

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Cycling through the pages, yes.

I wrote to Douban about the sudden removal of feed filters, both for ministes and for stuff like photos and recommends etc. No reply.

Your favorite Self Party song? There's so many ways you could go with that one.

moratorium on blog comments temporarily over . . .

. . . favorite self party song = "On a plain," but that's a real self party . . .

. . . more new tracks on the way . . .

Tian Tian still sells their old CD when they were called Monkey Power. That still sounds vaguely related to self partying.

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