Torturing Nurse to be unleashed on Europe

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p495645993.jpgTorturing Nurse are going to Europe in September. They've been invited to play at the My World IMAGES Festival in Copenhagen by the Danish Centre for Culture and Development. This will be the harsh noise group's first ever performance in Europe. Brace yourselves Denmark.

If the name Torturing Nurse doesn't ring any bells, here's a few old posts to help you get the picture:

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Video: Torturing Nurse at Canart (link)
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To see the group in action in Shanghai, you can check out the latest NOIShanghai event, taking place in a couple of weeks up at 696 (details here). There'll also be a new Torturing Nurse t-shirt released soon (here's the old one) if you want to show your love for the city's premier noise-makers and, naturally, there have a new release coming out soon. Then again, they have a new release about once a week.

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