A bit of bother at YYT

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yyt.jpgSo while posting has been a bit light here the last few days (it's been my time of the month), someone else has been blogging like a mad man. Check it out.

Meanwhile, the ever-reliable SmartShanghai has posted on the recent troubles of Yuyintang, Shanghai's most important live venue. I know it's kind of annoying when blogs just link to other people's articles without adding anything to it, but it's important and Morgan's pretty much nailed it, so here's the link.

Though I'm gutted there's no show there tonight (now that I finally have time to get to a gig), the real worry is next month - let's hope it won't interfere with all the goodness coming our way in September.

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About the teengirl fantasy delay last Friday, I was there with Steve and we were thinking that since both you and andy were AWOL one of us was going to have to "guest post" on kungfuology.

The filth eventually pissed off though, so we thought it was an anomaly. Funny though. Teengirl Fantasy are a live electronic act, and extremely innocuous and basically instrumental as well. They're essentially an act that would have been better in a dance club, at which there would have been no problems at all.

Also, how ironic is it that YYT's move to accreditation and legal correctness is causing them more problems... I was talking to (BLEEP) and they were saying that they're going to need performance permits for the bands that play there as well, in addition to the venue permit... like applying for the band permits on a monthly basis...

Even after years of being in Shanghai all this regulatory shit is still hazy to me, but if they are going to have to get permits for the bands.... that's not good.

It's all annoying.

By the way, we'll have to stump up and go to Mao I guess, tonight, it's free anyway. Hmmmn, doesn't stump up mean reluctantly pay money? What am I talking about.


You know Morgan, if you want to guest blog, all you have to do is ask.

I wonder what's happened at YYT to make them want to apply for this stuff now? Seems like it's causing more hassle. Perhaps it's related to previous visits from the authorities, but this seems like it's going to create a lot more trouble than they had before

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