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s3276221.jpgSeriously, it's like buses or something. 

So after the flurry of activity yesterday - and yes, it was a flurry - there's some more new stuff to tell you about. Joker, or Jiao Ke if you will, have put up some songs recorded live at the 0093 three year anniversary the other week. They're live, awesome and available for download so get on it.

There's some new B-Side Lovers tracks up here.

What else? Oh yeah, some new Da Fresh tracks. Take it or leave it.

Umm, Fanfare have a new location. Remember them? They got shut down because of trouble with the neighbours. Their new totally-harmonious-honest location is on the second floor of 96 Anshun Lu (that's near Dingxi Lu). 

Ok, so actually that's about it, but don't worry, things pick up in September. Look at all this lot coming your way: Strange Streets Kill Animals + Bigger Bang! + Pairs and Boys Climbing Ropes + The Fallacy all on one weekend; Queen Sea Big Shark whoring it for corporates; Xiao He not; new Guai Li album + Duck Fight Goose; internationals: Buck 65 (saw this guy  at T in the Park back when I had hair, amazing), Cave Singers, Japanese surf rockers The Whys; Xihu Festival down in Hangzhou... and on and on...

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