September 25: Open Goat

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9e7ea16a1f056adf2512a091de46dc82ad01a34787bc2b7fc955318ce136aad4f4a15fd10bddf3002eda16920.jpgUPDATE: The Goat has been delayed until October. More details once the date's been confirmed.

Hey thrillseeker, you need to get on this: Open Goat. That's not some crazy new drug that all the kids are on, it's the name of a brilliant event coming up on September 25 at 1918's new gallery space (694 Huai'an Lu, near Changle Lu). Yes, it's a while off yet, but it doesn't mean I can't get excited about it now.

Here's the deal, straight from the, err, goat's mouth:

A veritable orgy of artistic fertility, the OPEN GOAT welcomes all comers to take part in a fully democratic, spontaneous, feverish and potentially life-altering collective improvisation.


The set-up is both simple and beautiful. Hordes of musicians and non-musicians playing acoustic instruments, household items, or specially constructed noise-objects will fill the main gallery space.

The aim is to jam one hour (or potentially longer) of pure improvisation, just for the sick ear-pleasure of finding out what happens. 


Artists will free-paint, free-draw or free-whatever they want on empty canvasses lining the gallery walls. Performers of all descriptions are welcome to take part - poets, dancers, writers - the GOAT wants you. The GOAT needs you. 


Come and shout something rude at the GOAT and then leave. Why not?


The recording of the GOAT will be sent to electronic musicians in the city to be remixed and reworked. Participants will all receive digital copies.


There is no direction and very few rules. This is a journey into the unknown, an insane foray into the murky recesses of a collective consciousness.


This is a crazy experiment. Come take part! Do something different with your Saturday!


The GOAT will be generously lubricated by well-priced Belgian beer from the 1918's onsite bar.

See? Sounds great doesn't it? The picture here is entirely unrelated to the event, it's just one of the first pictures that came up when I Google Imaged 'goat'. Just a little window into how I work there.

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