Zhulu Hefeng still bent on world domination

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Zhulu Hefeng, the local-based label headed up by Sonnet and Pinkberry drummer Lezi, are continuing their ambitious plans to sign up every band in the world. Last we heard, they'd done a deal with French rockers The Nitwits and now the band have licensed them to become their official album sellers in China. They'll be flogging the album around Shanghai and also up in Beijing as well as trying to get the band a slot at one of China's 2,896 festivals taking place this year.

On top of that, they've added local band Plastic Chocolate to their roster (that's them on the right here). I may have lost count here, but I think that brings the ZLHF stable to a grand total of 9 bands. The others being Sonnet, Pinkberry, Joker, Manbanpai, Mr., 21 Grams and Shenzhi Wuzhi.

Pinkberry already have a record out and Sonnet, Joker and Mr. are all in the studio at this very second. Well actually, they're probably doing their day jobs right now, but when they have some free time they'll be recording. Look out for releases from them in the next few months.

Also, come September, they'll be firing up the old university tour bus again and heading out to proselytise some students. Shit, those kids are busy eh?

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