The Beat (no longer) goes on

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One of the things Andy (and occasionally I) used to do on this blog was round up the music coverage in the local magazines and media. Given my current job, I've stopped doing this as it's difficult for me to comment on such things without being accused of a conflict of interest (if anyone actually takes these things that seriously). Still, I'm going to make an exception here, because in the latest issue of CityWeekend comes confirmation of the news we've known for a while now: Dan Shapiro is to stop writing The Beat column.

His last entry isn't up online yet, but if you pick up a copy of the magazine you can find it - with him doing a round up of his favourites entries over the years. As he puts it himself 'while I'm not much for sentimentality, I'm definitely a believer in self-congratulation'. And he has lots to congratulate himself on. In the last two years, Dan has been one of the few writers giving regular English-language (or any language really) coverage to the underground bands in Shanghai, bringing them to new audiences.

In addition to bringing a whole host of domestic bands to Shanghai and promoting the hell out of them in order to get them the exposure they deserve, Dan has been a strong supporter of the local music scene whether he's involved in the gigs or not. He's always at shows and is known to everyone on the scene as very much a part of the local music community. 

Hopefully this isn't the end of his music writing (I think he's going to be contributing music articles now and then for CityWeekend still) even if it's the end of an era for The Beat column. 

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Good job, Dan. I'll fondly remember the death tripping column.

Jake (and Andy),
thanks for the farewell post. it's true, I'm done w/ The Beat, but that doesn't mean I'm done writing. I'll still be writing for CW from time to time in a lesser capacity and I'll be maintaining a the blog, but for now it's all about The Fever Machine, new rippin' tunes and some rowdy rowdy shows.

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