Wednesday: Something worth going out on a school night for

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Sept 8th show.jpgI was out of town this weekend, meaning my barren gig stretch was extended. Shame, because it sounds like Chaos Mind tore shit up.

Nevermind though because tomorrow night at YYT sees a chance for redemption. If, like me, you've been in a bit of a non-gig-going rut recently, it's time to get over the summertime blues and head to this show. 

On the bill are The Beat Bandits, The Instigation, Friend or Foe and X is Y. The Beat Bandits are really good and The Instigation is another of Toshi's bands so (though I haven't seen them yet) I'm sure they're quality. X is Y I've written about before on this blog and I'm pretty sure I've emphasised before that they're well worth seeing. Friend or Foe are a new band, but one I'm keen to see as they've got that nice Zack Smith boy in their line up. 

So basically, it's a night worth getting into work late on Thursday for.  

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