A bit of Beijing news

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If you follow the various blogs that keep track of the Beijing scene (this one, this one, this one and this one for starters), you'll probably know all this already, but here's a few things that are going on up north that might interest you if you're a southern fairy:

Hedgehog have been in the studio for a few months now recording album number four, with a working title of Honeyed and Killed. It should be out before the end of the year. They've just launched a new blog too, get on that right here.

Apparently Helen's left Pet Conspiracy. Did we know that already? Probably. Anyway, she left a while back after falling off the stage at Strawberry and injuring herself (before being treated shoddily by the organisers), but has decided to make the split permanent. She'll be focusing on Free the Birds stuff instead.

Queen Sea Big Shark's second album, Wave, is finally ready to see the light of day after numerous delays. It'll be out up north at the end of this month, while the band will be down in Shanghai early November for a release party at MAO Livehouse. In the meantime, a teaser for the LP has been released (helpfully embedded here), featuring a cat typing on a keyboard. Yep. 

Oh, and if this has been covered in more detail on the Beijing blogs, feel free to fill the comments section with "that's old news man, here's what I wrote ages ago"-type links.

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