A spot of bother at the Dream Factory?

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brett.jpgLast night the Zhijiang Dream Factory hosted a show by Brett Anderson (him out of Suede) who, despite disappearing off most people's music radars years ago, is rather big in China. So big that presale tickets sold out within about a week of going on sale. It goes back to Suede being one of the first indie rock bands to play here many moons ago at the Modern Sky Festival. 

Anyway, I wasn't there last night, but it seems there was a bit of trouble. According to a few notes and posts on Douban, the electrics went about three songs into the show. There was apparently a 20 minute wait while attempts to fix the equipment were made before someone from the Dream Factory took to the stage and asked people to wait another 15 minutes. Half an hour later there was still no solution. To his credit, it seems as if Anderson played half a dozen acoustic songs instead (though not a single Suede track) before the whole show was abandoned and people understandably got pretty angry - some apparently refusing to leave. Tickets are now being refunded (you have to go to the Dream Factory in person before the 10th) meaning that either the Dream Factory or Modern Sky or both will have taken a big hit on this. 

Was anyone there and would like to tell us what actually happened in the comments? This is rather vaguely pieced together from various posts and threads that I've found on Douban and I'm happy to be proven wrong on any or all of the above points. 

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We think (cheapskates that they are) that they just used the equipment in the Dream Factory, which provides some of the worst gear/ technicians around. Whenever we do a show there, we bring in all the gear ourselves..... go figure :-)

I saw this on Douban the same night of the show. It's weird as there's been loads of gigs there in the past without it completely blowing. But, I can't imagine DF having safety staff on standby at shows, who know what they're doing.

Second that on the Dream Factory's super-shitty gear and sound: piece meal drum kit (without decent hardware), un-kempt guitar amps, sound men that don't know how to use the mixing desk.

They actually have a fake equipment rider that they occasionally present to promoters and media, that they've never made good on.

They claim that they bring out the good gear for the bigger shows, but the Dream Factory's Marshall Avt100/150
and Fender Bassman (both listed on their fake rider)have yet to make it to the stage.

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